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Shared by permission and with enthusiasm

Here's some heartfelt feedback we've received from our wonderful, thoughtful clients. 
They know the power of the work, and we hope their experiences will inspire you to act now and to grow well with us!

I’ve been seeing Alex Stadler for massage therapy for quite some time now, and cannot recommend his services enough. Not only does he have an intuitive grasp of what work a body needs, he pairs this with the sharpest attention to detail and technical knowledge that I’ve ever experienced. With just a couple minutes of walking you through some basic stretch poses, he is able to analyze posture, gait, muscle changes, tight spots, and other things you yourself hadn’t quite realized were an issue. Alex is also great at communicating during the massage itself, so that you don’t just feel what’s happening, you know WHY it’s happening. As a result, you not only leave feeling so much better, but you also have the knowledge and tools to better take care of your body in between sessions. Alex is a true gem, y’all—you owe it to yourself to see his life changing practice firsthand.


Michelle Waymire

I have been seeing Alex Stadler for several years and see him regularly every other week now. His attention to and work on a number of my physical issues have made a big difference in how I feel and move. I have a long history of back problems and have had two back operations since 1996. I have also had mobility issues some of which stem from a broken leg as well as a “minor” break in an ankle. In addition to his skillful work on my body Alex has also been very helpful in suggesting exercises and treatment to deal with these issues. As to the work Alex does on my body I want to say, “It hurts so good!” He clearly knows what he is doing and works on my 75-year-old body appropriately. He understands where the problems are and just how much attention they can stand. He analyzes and then he acts. And while he is working on me, we have great conversations!

Suzanne Currey

Ian worked his magic during a 60-minute massage session. His massage style, which he described as Deep Listening, was unique and effective. He began by asking about troublesome areas and then completed an assessment of my alignment and range of motion. During the massage, he was professional and focused. I left feeling relaxed and pain free. As a bonus, Ian sent me an email that included self-care exercises tailored to my specific needs. I am already looking forward to my next visit!

Allison Hornung

Hi Alex, you're quite simply a muscle magician. My shoulder is practically back to normal and that's wonderful as it hurts to hurt!!! You should advertise that before you have an 1800.00 MRI and go the expensive medical route consider an alternate inexpensive relaxing solution first. You can use me for a testimonial. I look forward to you working on this area more as well as my lower back.

Mark Edge

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