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Sessions from 45 minutes to 2 hours

Including the in-depth assessment protocols from the Full Compass Massage school of thought, the Deep Listening method, the focus of this work is to analyze individual composition, structural integrity, postural components, and then using that assessment to create a program for realignment, improving balance, and strengthening the client's body while empowering them with knowledge and tried and tested tools for increased wellness and stability to regain their agency.


with Dr. Andrea Pack, PhD, CLMA

Sessions by appointment from 45 min to 2 hours at a rate of $100/hr. 1- 45 minute session is $75.

Andrea uses her 12 years of experience in neuroscience and muscle physiology, Laban Movement Analysis, and her training in the Deep Listening Method to guide individuals in exercises and stretches to address posture, stability, and balance in order to empower individuals with the tools and education they need to grow well, confident, and to connect more deeply with their bodies.


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Enjoy a discounted four-session pass for use within the first two weeks of your Functional Personal Training journey!

Our package is $280 for four 45 minute sessions intended for use within two weeks.  As we often advise, the best way to grow strong and sound is not simply by lifting heavier weights, nor is it doing tons of repetitions, but rather it is to be consistent and thoughtful in your movement.  Making the commitment to do the work ensures a strong start and a better outcome, overall.

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