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A healer's journey is neverending

When I started Full Compass Massage, I knew that my main focus would be to provide unparalleled healing and education, and I was certain that by always delivering the highest quality I could that the business would grow.  My intentions were always to ally with  synergistic partners in wellness, to teach new bodyworkers to listen to the body, as well as to consider the deepest components of wellness.  We would educate those seeking answers how to care for themselves and help them find continued partnerships for their wellness.  It is still my goal today.

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Enhanced Souls

I have devoted over 8 years to the practice of Massage Therapy, utilizing a comprehensive range of techniques that include kinesiology, orthopedic testing, and neuromuscular methods. My approach has continuously evolved over the past 5 years, as I've integrated the Deep Listening Method into my practice, empowering clients to take control of their healing journey both on and off the massage table. Additionally, I incorporate energy work to facilitate the release of suppressed tension and emotions. My true passion lies in assisting individuals on their path to healing and delivering meaningful service to those seeking wellness.

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Meet Andrea

Over the past 12 years, I have been training as a motor systems neuroscientist, specifically researching the relationships between motor learning and control, movement rehabilitation, and the brain. Since receiving my Neuroscience PhD at Emory in November 2022, I have shifted my focus from lab research to practicum, with the goal of helping individuals understand how they move and interact with their environment. Since training with Alex, I apply the Deep Listening Method to guide individuals in various weighted exercises and stretches to address posture, stability and balance, and chronic pain. In combination with my training in neuroscience and muscle physiology, certification in Laban Movement Analysis and Bartenieff Fundamentals (LMA/BF - a system to observe and quantify how people move and interact in the world), and training experience at Full Compass Massage, I hope to work with people, empowering them with movement to heal and support their physical and emotional growth.  I am delighted to join the Full Compass Massage team and continue to learn and create in collaboration with Alex and Ian.

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