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All Sessions by Appointment

Whether you are seeking support for a physical injury, improved performance, a deeper connection to your body, or more understanding of how your body is functioning, our trained therapists are here to provide you with unparalleled service, empathy, and professionalism.  It is not only our aim, but our mission!  From adolescence to beyond retirement, we are here to support those seeking, ready, and willing to work for a more healthy tomorrow!



Personalized Sessions by Appointment

Experience a deeply connected bodywork session where your body is in charge of the direction, where the space is safe for you to be completely yourself without judgment, and where Deeply Listening to your body's need for change is the foremost concern and passion of our highly-trained, empathetic bodyworkers.  Alexander Stadler, LMT is available to help you explore and discover the depth of what is held within the tissues of your body, as well as to regain the freedom of movement and agency in how you seek to live your life.  Live a life less encumbered, more connected and aware, and be well!


Personalized Training Sessions by Appointment

Our Personal Functional Training combines multiple thought processes and approaches in order to gain the highest level of awareness and connection to both what is keeping you from articulating freely and what can most fundamentally shift your body toward the strength, security, and independence that you seek in your everyday activities.  It goes beyond simply exercising, and incorporates thoughtful, in-depth assessment, corrective measures, and an additive, growth-based experience that is designed to ensure that you thrive and function as you grow stronger and more aware. 

Dr. Andrea Pack, PhD, CLMA will empower you to move and function with clear support and inspiration about how to better move your body with an enthusiastic, educated, and empathetic approach.  Live a life that is supercharged by awareness and thoughtful, nurturing conditioning that is validating and designed especially for you!


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